The Winnebago Warrior is a Class-B motorhome. It comes with a queen sized bed, and a 7.4 litre V8 Chevrolet engine. It was produced in 1989 by the American car company, Chevrolet.


Episode 4.5

When Abby Maitland pursued a Labyrinthodont into a caravan park, it proceeded to attack her outside of the door of a Winnebago Warrior. Abby looked around for the keys, and finally finding them, managed to hide inside of the motorhome. The Labyrinthodont proceeded to attack the Winnebago and, although Abby managed to fend it off for a little while, was able to get on top of the motorhome. While it was up there, Abby realised that she could drive the beast to the anomaly site, where Connor Temple was waiting for her. She managed to get a fair distance towards Connor's location, before one of the Labyrinthodont's attacks caused her to crash into a tree. The Labyrinthodont, hearing the cries of a younger individual, then left the site of the crash.

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