The Wilhelm Scream is a stock sound effect used in movies and shows such as Star Wars, Distant Drums, the Indiana Jones series and Primeval, along with lots of other movies and shows. In Primeval it appears in many episodes of the first and second series:


Episode Who and when
1.1 By a Home Office scientist of a Special Forces soldier when a Gorgonopsid rampaged in the Forest of Dean.
1.2 A London Underground cleaner when a Carboniferous Arachnid jumped on him and later when the Special Forces soldiers were attacked by the spiders in some disused tunnels.
1.3 The plumber when he was killed by a Hesperornis.
1.6 One of Captain Tom Ryan's soldiers when Future Predator takes off with him in the Forest of Dean; another soldier when he was killed by the predator in the Animal crate storage sheds; another when a soldier was killed in the Permian hills and Tom Ryan himself when the predator attacked and killed him.
2.1 A Castle Cross Shopping Mall security guard when a Raptor attacked him.
2.2 A janitor at the Inner-London office block when he was grabbed by a Precambrian Worm.
2.3 Someone when they saw a Smilodon while on a roller coaster at Blue Sky Park.
2.4 Connor Temple when he was swiped by the MerQueen.
2.5 Either the Cleaner or one of Oliver Leek's mercenaries when Silurian Scorpion attacked them
2.6 By a pedestrian when a Columbian Mammoth was loose on the M25.
2.7 One of Oliver Leek's guards when he was trampled by a Scutosaurus.

Video compliation of all the screams

Primeval - The Wilhelm Scream00:49

Primeval - The Wilhelm Scream

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