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« ""Your right, I am going to need a man just like Captain Wilder to replace Cutter"
"I'm glad you've come round to my way of thinking"
"Oh not Wilder himself, of course. He's playing a much to vital role in your own staff"" »
— James Lester and Christine Johnson: Lester pretends to nearly hire Wilder[src]
Joseph Wilder
Biographical information
Profession Soldier
Affiliations Christine Johnson's Military
Height 5'11
Age 38
Hobbies Cricket
Skills Leadership
Armed combat
Status Unknown
Production information
Actor/Actress Alex McSweeney
First appearance Episode 3.4
Latest appearance Episode 3.9
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Captain Joseph Wilder was head of Christine Johnson's security; he knew Becker from Sandhurst.


Episode 3.4Edit

At Christine Johnson's Headquarters, when a captive Future Predator that was being experimented on awoke and broke free, Wilder warned Johnson that their Cloaking Device would have to be suspended to electrocute the Predator. Johnson ignored the warning and had the Predator electrocuted anyway.

He was later reunited with Becker when the ARC team (Jenny, Connor, Abby and Becker) arrived at his Headquarters looking for Johnson's anomaly. Christine enquired about Becker and Wilder's past relationship and suggested that Becker might get a chance to work with him again. Christine later suggested Wilder, to James Lester, as a replacement for the ARC's recently deceased team leader, Nick Cutter.
Christine and Wilder

Wilder with Christine Johnson

Episode 3.5Edit

Wilder travelled to the ARC with Johnson and Mark Baker. He sent Baker to search the ARC for the Artifact but later witnessed him turn into a fungus creature. He told Christine that he had placed two of his men inside the ARC on the maintenance team to also search for the Artifact. Later, Lester made Danny Quinn the new team leader, instead of him (partly to spite Christine).

Episode 3.8Edit

Captain Wilder travelled to the future (presumably through Christine's anomaly), where he captured Eve whilst the ARC team fled the Megopterans, and returned with her to his Headquarters in the present. He gave Christine, Eve's diary and Anomaly Opening Device, which he also managed to recover from the future.

Episode 3.9Edit

At the Headquarters, Christine ordered Wilder to guard Eve. Whilst doing this, he noticed Danny Quinn hiding behind an air vent. When he went to look he was knocked down by Danny. After, he told Christine of this, he travelled with her to the ARC to arrest Danny and recover Eve, when the latter revealed herself to be Helen Cutter and took Johnson hostage. Wilder pointed his gun at Helen, but did not fire.

Episode 3.10Edit

Wilder did not appear in this episode, but it is believed that he was killed by a Megopteran in Johnson's headquarters.




  • ITV admitted that they intended to give Wilder a bigger role as his file was on the Primeval ITV website, telling fans about Wilder and his full details. But only for a few days though as this was after Series 3 had ended and the website changed quite soon after that.
  • Wilder never encountered a creature from the past.

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