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"Its a prototype, it's not meant to be sexy."
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West London Hospital Anomaly
3. Hospital Permian-Present Anomaly
Historical information
First time and location linked West London Hospital, Present
Second time and location linked Permian period
Open or Closed
Travellers Numerous Diictodons (including Sid and Nancy)
Production information
Appearances Episode 3.3
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The West London Hospital Anomaly is an Anomaly linking a hospital in present day London to the Permian period.


Episode 3.3

This Anomaly opened through the floor of West London Hospital, and a large number of Diictodons came through. When Nick Cutter and Abby Maitland found the Anomaly, Abby used a Diictodon's distress call to try and lure the other Diictodons back to the Anomaly. Most of the Diictodons then returned through the Anomaly, but the Anomaly closed before the last two, Sid and Nancy, could return.

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