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Dr A. Webster was the physician and advisor of Henry Merchant. He was the man who advised Henry to have his wife, Emily Merchant, committed to an insane asylum.


  • Dr Webster was mentioned in the text of a Victorian newspaper article. The article was found by Abby Maitland, who showed it to Matt Anderson. In the article, it is revealed that Dr. Webster had advised Henry Merchant that it would be best that his wife, Emily Merchant, be committed to Bedlam Asylum on grounds of insanity (Episode 5.2).
  • In the year 1868, Henry and Emily Merchant are back together after Emily's time through the anomalies. Henry believes that his wife is not well, and enlists the help of Dr. Webster. They meet inside of Merchant's carriage, where Dr. Webster convinces Merchant that his wife is best served by being locked up in an insane asylum. He believes it is the best thing for her, but Henry replies saying that the treatment isn't about her, and that her disappearance has damaged his reputation. When Henry and Dr. Webster follow Emily, Henry finds the two together. Matt ends up divulging that Emily will be committed to Bedlam Asylum, at which point Dr. Webster strikes Matt with some sort of club, rendering him momentarily unconscious. Dr. Webster, Henry, and Emily depart for Bedlam, with Matt following close behind. However, their trip is interrupted when the driver of their carriage is attacked by a Raptor, which the locals believe to be Spring-Heeled Jack. Henry orders Dr. Webster to investigate the noise, and when he pokes his head outside of the carriage, he is promptly attacked and killed by the Raptor, which lifts him clean into the air. When the carriage nearly tips over, his body is ejected from the top of the carriage. Emily escapes her bonds, and checks for a pulse. She finds none, and while doing so, the locals mistake her for Spring-Heeled Jack (Episode 5.3).

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