The Walther P99 is a type of handgun that is chambered to fire the 9mm round. It is produced by Walther Arms, based in Germany.


Episode 4.7

While being pursued through an old prison, Ethan Dobrovski pulls out a black Walther P99, and chambers a round. He fires at the ARC Team, and then at a Terror Bird that began attacking the team. As Connor Temple and Abby Maitland went after the bird, Matt Anderson grabbed his EMD and followed Ethan. As he pursued him, Ethan fired several shots at Matt, until Matt finally confronted him in an empty corridor. However, before Matt could catch Ethan, a Terror Bird, attacked, and allowed Ethan to escape. As Danny Quinn, Abby, and Connor emerged from the basement of the prison, Ethan confronted them with the P99. However, upon realising that he was aiming at his brother, Patrick Quinn lowered his gun, and embraced Danny.


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