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« "I'm going to invite a very angry centipede to bite me." »
— Nick Cutter on collecting a venom sample from an Arthropleurid[src]

The Venom collecting armband, was a protective sleeve and bag that could wrap around its users arm. As named, it was used to collect venom, specifically from a Arthropleurid. After Stephen Hart was bitten by the centipede, he needed a viable substitute anti-venom, Nick Cutter knew finding one would take too long, so he decided to collect a pure venom sample from the Arthropleura. He then asked Connor Temple to get "something that will do the job", so the latter either found or made the armband. After finding the centipede, Cutter enticed it to bite him, and in doing so, filled the bag with venom. They quickly get the venom to the hospital. An antivenom was made, and Stephen survived the incident. (Episode 1.2)


The Arthropleura takes the bait, and bites the bag and protective armband.

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