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This article is about Vancouver Police seen in Primeval New World, not the UK Police seen in Primeval.

The Vancouver Police Department was the Canadian civil force responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order. They often worked closely with the Predator Control Team when animal attacks occurred.


Evan Cross covered up his wife's death to the Police as a Bear attack, when really it was an Albertosaurus. (The New World, Sisiutl, The Inquisition)

The New World





A male and female Officer discovered Evan Cross with a tranquiliser gun (as he was trying to capture a rogue Pachycephalosaurus) and they planned to arrest him. Evan tried to argue that tranquilisers were not covered by the Firearms Act but the Officers did not listen. At that moment, Lieutenant Ken Leeds arrived and told the Officers to stand down and leave, and they were escorted away by some Project Magnet soldiers.

The Great Escape



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