Valerie Irwin's House is the home of Valerie Irwin and her Smilodon, located in the Forest of Dean, either in or around Blue Sky Park.


Some time in the 1990s or 2000s, Valerie found a Smilodon cub in the house's garage (strongly implying that the Anomaly that the Anomaly that the creature had come through had opened and closed in there), and raised it with her boyfriend Dave until the Smilodon killed him.

Episode 2.3

In 2007, the Anomaly Research Centre came to investigate a big cat attack. Nick Cutter discovered that Valerie was harboring the Smilodon and went to her house, she threatened him with his gun and set the Smilodon on him. Cutter managed to fight the Smilodon off until Valerie intervened and was killed, and the cat was then tranquilised by Abby Maitland and taken away.


  • Though not officially confirmed for certain, as Valerie stated that the Smilodon she raised was inexplicably in her garage when she found it would strongly implies that this was where the Anomaly that the Smilodon had come through was located.

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