These are pieces of soundtrack used in Primeval but not featured in the Primeval Original Television Soundtrack. This is because the pieces released on the Official Soundtrack are all composed by Dominik Scherrer, while these pieces are the work of different composers. However, there are some pieces of Scherrer's soundtrack that have not been released or named. There are also variations of some tracks between episodes and start/end segments of tracks that were never featured.

Unreleased soundtrack list

* indicates that only part of the track was played in an episode, otherwise the full version or majority of the track was played.

Dominik Scherrer's tracks

Title/"nickname" Plays in

Car Park Title

Episode 1.1
Episode 1.3 - 1.6
Rex Flies
Rex Flying (original unused version)
Episode 1.1
Special Forces Episode 1.1
"Home Office theme" (including several variations) Episode 1.1
Coming Home (original unused version) Episode 1.1
The Camp
Next time trailer music
Episode 1.6
Episode 1.1 - 2.6
"Third Mosasaur theme" Episode 1.3
"First Mosasaur theme"
"Creature Prison reveal"
Episode 1.3
Episode 2.6
"Second Mosasaur theme/Reservoir" Episode 1.3
"Anomaly at the Dexter House" Episode 1.3
"Special Forces at the Dexter House" Episode 1.3
"Third Mosasaur theme" Episode 1.3
Betrayal Episode 1.3
Helen Revelation Episode 1.6
Episode 2.3*
Episode 2.4*
"Helen's Cretaceous Escapade" Episode 2.2
Episode 2.6*
"Mysterious Mer Creatures" Episode 2.4
"Call me" Episode 2.2
Episode 2.5
"Meeting Caroline at the cafe" Episode 2.2
Episode 2.3
"First Anomaly detected" (variation of the Primeval titles) Episode 2.3
"Caroline and Rex" Episode 2.2*
Episode 2.4*
Episode 2.5
"James Lester vs Future Predator" Episode 2.1*
Episode 2.6
"Stephen's sacrifice" Episode 2.7

James Hannigan's tracks

Title Plays in
Cutter Dies/Death of Cutter [1] Episode 3.3
Primeval Series 3 Montage [1] Series 3

Angus Moncrieff's tracks

Title Plays in
Danny vs Sir William [2] (Although this track is present on the OST as 'Dracorex', the OTS omits the ending moments) Episode 3.7
Returning Hero [2] Episode 3.7

Stephen McKeon's tracks

Title/"nickname" Plays in
Primeval Theme Tune  (recomposed) Episode 4.1
Doomsday Device [3] Series 4/Series 5
Future Predators [3] Episode 5.6
Insects and Worms [3] Series 4/Series 5
Creatures/"The New ARC" Episode 4.1
Dangers of the Past Episode 4.1
Matt Goes Home Episode 4.4
Giant Burrowers Episode 5.1
Anomaly Catastrophe
Sterile Earth
Series 4/Series 5
Episode 5.6
Predators at the ARC Episode 5.6
Find A Way Series 4/Series 5
At Dawn's End Series 4/Series 5
Doomsday Device Series 4/Series 5
New Dawn Series 5
New Dawn Catastrophe Series 5

 Tracks with no artist/s specified

Title/"nickname" Plays in Likely composer/s
The ARC Team Episode 3.1
Episode 3.6
Dominik Scherrer


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