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This article is non-canonical - from outside of Primeval canon.

A Primeval film would be a spin-off movie based on the British television show; Primeval. A movie has been rumoured/planned for several years now, though nothing has been confirmed as of 2018. Tim Haines and Adrian Hodges apparently attempted several times to make a Primeval movie but failed each time, as they could not get the appropriate funding or agree with the studios.

Warner Brothers Studios

Circa 2009, ITV apparently gave Warner Brothers the rights to Primeval. The filmmakers were going over plot ideas for the script's numerous revisions and there were talks of the film as late as 2012. The film would not be in the same canon as the Primeval TV show, most likely having different actors. Akiva Goldsman was tied to the program as producer/director/writer.[1]

Universal Pictures (unconfirmed)

On one occasion the executives at one studio were interested in making the movie. However a meeting with the executives did not go very well, as Haines recalled:

« "Universal, at one point, wanted to make the Primeval movie and were prepared to put the money up so long as Adrian and I agreed to an all-star American cast. For some insane reason I said, 'No.' I said we had to use the British cast. They said, 'How about a compromise? What about using British movie stars instead?' I laughed and said, 'Like who?' This is true. I swear this is true. They said, 'How about... Robert Patterson? He could be Stephen. And what's Liam Neeson doing these days? He could play Cutter.' I thanked them for their time and ran from the building." »
— Tim Haines on an interview with Universal


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