The University campus was an educational institution for post-graduation learning. There were mane houses; one of which was called Radcliffe. The campus was located in urban Vancouver



The university was holding "frosh week" when new students join houses. One night on frosh week, an Anomaly opened to the Permian alowing a female Lycaenops came through to the campus, then became marooned in the present when the Anomaly closed. The Lycaenops stayed hidden in the bushes and trees in the campus grounds from the crowds of students, and attacked and chased Kate when she was alone. She activated several emergency points as she fled, fortunately Kate was able to escape the Lycaenops when she locked herself in a bike locker.

Over half an hour later when the Special Projects Group arrived, the Lycaenops tried to avoid them, and fled into the university library from them. The team followed it there, and Evan Cross and Dylan Weir followed the Lycaenops through the maze of the library's bookshelves. However, the creature was able to evade the two until they gave up. The Lycaenops followed Evan and Dylan to a staircase, where it attacked the team, but was knocked out when Mac Rendell electrocuted it with a taser. The unconscious Lycaenops was subsequently taken by the team back to Cross Photonics.

When the Anomaly briefly reopened, another, male Lycaenops came through to the campus before the Anomaly closed again, and followed the smell of the female's urine on Mac's shirt back to Cross Photonics.

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