Several species of unidentified creatures have occurred in Primeval:

Unidentified Creatures

Cretaceous Pterasaurs

Several flocks of an unknown type of Pterosaur were seen flying above the Cretaceous beach and desert. (Episode 1.3, 2.2) One or two Pterosaurs were seen flying in the distance from a forest in the Cretaceous. Though they were most likely Pteranodon. (Episode 3.10/4.1)

  • Several unidentified Pterosaurs appeared in a Episode 1.5 promo image despite not appearing in the actual episode.

Badger-like mammal

A Badger like Mammal was a creature from the Early Cretaceous. The Anomaly Research Centre team encountered one Badger-like mammal in the Cretaceous coastal woodland eating a deceased Iguanodon calf. When startled, it snarled at the team and ran away into the undergrowth. (The Lost Island)

  • It was possibly Repenomamus, a three foot long Early Cretaceous mammal that is known to have fed on small dinosaurs. It also may be either an undiscovered species of Mesozoic mammal or perhaps even a Didelphodon (which would be unlikely as it lived in the Late Cretaceous).

Cretaceous Theropods

Four theropods of a unknown species were seen playing in the distance from the Cretaceous forest. (Episode 3.10). A year later, Abby Maitland had a sketch of another theropod, possibly the same species. (Episode 4.1)

Small Future Birds

Several flocks of small futuristic birds (presumably) were seen in the Future city. (Episode 3.1, 3.8, 3.10)

  • As the bird's time period was presumably only a matter of centuries in the future, the birds may have similar biology as modern day birds.

Creature Sightings creatures

Several unidentified creatures were seen on several websites as Connor Temple searched for creature sightings. (Episode 4.2) The websites were:


Promotional creatures

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