UmiGen Technologies was a company which apparently specialised in the development of new technologies and electronics. Dave Simmons was UmiGen's SVP of innovation.

Affiliations with Cross Photonics

The New World

In December 2011 - January 2012, Dave Simmons and Evan Cross were apparently scheduled to have a meeting over whether or not Simmons would give Cross Photonics $26 million, but Angelika Finch postponed the meeting by a week due to knowledge that Evan would forget the meeting.


Despite a praised presentation by Evan, UmiGen ultimately declined to give Cross Photonics the contract.

Angry Birds

On the day of the New West Warehouse district incursion, Evan Cross was scheduled for a follow-up with UmiGen over a prototype for their contract, which he postponed to deal with the Anomaly incursion. This resulted in UmiGen apparently refusing to hand over the contract.

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