The Triassic was a period in Earth's history, during which the land was harsh and arid desert dominated by armoured giants of creatures.

Visits and incursions

Extinction Event

A small Anomaly to the Triassic opened in a service station in the present, and several Euparkeria came through. The Euparkeria were returned through the Anomaly before it closed.

Fire and Water

Several Postosuchus were captured by Tom Samuels, who used them as guard dogs for his oil refinery. One Postosuchus was shot and killed, and the fate of Samuels' other captive Postosuchus is unknown.

Episode 4.4

The McKinnon School Anomaly may have linked to the Triassic, as a pack of Therocephalians came through.

Clean Up on Aisle Three

A pack of Daemonosaurus came through an Anomaly into a Canadian Tire Store in present day Vancouver. The alpha Daemonosaurus was captured and sent in a pet box back through the Anomaly, and the other Daemonosaurus went back through after it.

Real life

The Triassic lasted from approximately 250 to 200 million years ago. Both the start and end of the Triassic were marked by major extinction events. The Triassic was a time in which the Earth's biosphere was harsh and impoverished from the Permian-Triassic extinction event, with a mostly dry and hot climate and deserts dominating the land, although it became more humid near the end of the Triassic. Archosaurs and therapsids were the chief land vertebrates during the Triassic, and life was less diverse in this time. The Triassic also saw the beginning of the breaking-up of the single main landmass Pangaea, and the evolution of the first true mammals, the first pterosaurs, and (in the Late Triassic) the first dinosaurs.

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