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Trent house
1x1 TrentHouse
Geographical information
Location Forest of Dean
Production information
Filming location
Appearances Episode 1.1
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The Trent house was located in a small cul-de-sac in the Forest of Dean, and was the home of Mary Trent and her son Ben.


Episode 1.1

After Ben Trent found Rex in the Forest of Dean, he kept Rex at the Trent house and called Abby Maitland over from Wellington Zoo to see him. Ben and Abby subsequently went with Rex into the Forest to see where Ben found Rex.

The following evening, Ben ran back from the Forest into the house from a Gorgonopsid, and locked himself in his bedroom. The Gorgonopsid followed Ben to the house and attacked his bedroom by smashing its head through the window, but fled when Ben fended it off with his toys and objects. Upon seeing the state of Ben's room, Mary, having not been present when the Gorgonopsid was attacking, initially assumed Ben had done it.

Abby, along with Nick Cutter and Claudia Brown, later returned to the house to examine the damage done by the Gorgonopsid and cover Ben's claims about the creature attack up.

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