Torosaurus was a large Ceratopsian Dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous.


Torosaurus (meaning "Perforated Lizard") was a genus of ceratopsid dinosaur. It had one of the largest skulls of any land animal known after Pentaceratops, another ceratopsid dinosaur. The skull of Torosaurus reached 2.77 meters (9.1 ft) in length. From head to tail, Torosaurus probably measured about 7.6-9 meters (25-30 ft) long and weighed an estimated 4 to 6 tonnes (4.4 to 6.6 tons). In the book, the frills were able to change colour for display. A recent investigation has revealed that it is probably a mature form of Triceratops rather than its own genus. Another investigation however, disproves this.

Incursions and encounters

Extinction Event

Several Torosaurus are seen. They were described as having huge frills, long horns and being aggressively unpredictable. In the first instance, a mother was killed while defending her calf. After that, her calf was killed by a female Tyrannosaurus. Later on, a large herd was found by a river and several of them were killed after a tank fired at them. The rest of the herd then attacked the armoured cars in convoy with the tank, and succeeded in killing one of the drivers.

Other references

Episode 1.1

A figurine of Torosaurus was seen in Ben Trent's dinosaur collection.


  • There has been controversy in recent years as to whether Torosaurus is really a separate genus or just the mature form of Triceratops. However, a recent finding of a subadult individual of Torosaurus has put this controversy to rest, and Torosaurus is once again classified as its own genus.
  • They also appeared in Walking with Dinosaurs, another series made by Impossible Pictures.
  • Torosaurus is often mistakenly translated as Bull Lizard because of its appearance, but really means Perforated Lizard.
  • This is the first Ceratopsian to be encountered.