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« "We've only just begun to explore the vast reserves sitting untapped in the different periods. But the geological record proves that we succeed." »
Tom Samuels[src]

Tom Samuels' organisation was an organisation created by Tom Samuels, funded by numerous investors, to refine oil from the distant past by exploiting the Anomalies.


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Fire and Water

While Lester was on a mission in South Africa, and the Anomaly Research Centre team was dealing with an incursion and floods in Maidenhead, several of Samuels' soldiers infiltraited the ARC building (using codes obtained by Samuels) and set up a download of all the ARC's Anomaly infomation stored on the Anomaly Detection Device. They left Sarah Page unconcious in the process, and as they left, the download was continuing. The soldiers waited in a buiding in London as they waited for the transfer.

Tom Samuels temporaily took charge of the ARC and "blamed" Connor Temple for the break in, as to avoid suspicion of himself.

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  • Samuels' methods of containing creatures and exploiting the Anomalies to get power (and money) was very similar to Helen Cutter and Oliver Leek's organisation. In fact, this was pointed out by James Lester, whom thought that Samuels' facility was just like Leek's facility, in that the technology was exactly the same. This could be taken to mean that the two organisations could be the same one, just with different leaders.

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