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Tom Samuels' oil refineries were two places created by Tom Samuels' organisation, funded by numerous investors, to refine oil from the distant past by exploiting the Anomalies. The investors did not know where the oil came from though.

South African oil refinery

The South African oil refinery was a fake set up by Samuels' to hide the fact he was getting the oil from the distance past from his other refinery in the Cretaceous. The whole facility was empty but still had a fatal electric fence surrounding the perimeter. (Fire and Water)

Cretaceous oil refinery

The Creataceus oil refinery was a set up in the Cretaceous savannah to refine oil from prehistoric oil reserves underground.


The operation room was said to be exactly like the first Anomaly Research Centre except with tiled floors. Tom Samuels' anomaly detector was stored here. There was also creature containment room exactly like Oliver Leek's creature prison with the same laser cage technology. The rest of the refinery had all of the necessary facilities to extract oil and there were countless artillery weapons set up in the outside area to protect the refinery.


TBA (Fire and Water)

Other oil refineries

Tom Samuels implied there were other refineries or at least he was planning to make more in the distant past.