The Time Tribe are a group of nomads who have become lost through the Anomalies and travel through them in search of an Anomaly back to their respective time periods.


Fifteen individuals, who became lost in time through the Anomalies after travelling through them from their own time periods, eventually banded together into the Time Tribe. The Time Tribe constantly travel through the Anomalies, each member in the hopes of eventually finding an Anomaly back to their time.

The Time Tribe called the Anomalies 'Gateways'.

The Tribe's one major rule is to make no contact with Humans when they visit human time periods, so as to avoid altering history in any way. The Time Tribe appear to be made up of people from throughout Human history, and a member of the Tribe, Emily Merchant, mentioned that all the members of the Tribe were damaged in some way.


At some point, the Time Tribe travelled into an area of hills in the Cretaceous, where they lived off of Tree Creepers which they captured in traps. When a member of the Tribe, Charlotte Cameron, started dying from an infection, she, Emily Merchant and Patrick Quinn split off from the rest of the Tribe and went through an Anomaly to the Present in search of medicine for Charlotte.

Charlotte died from the infection shortly after arriving in the Present, (Episode 4.3) Patrick ultimately escaped through another Anomaly into the Pliocene, and Emily returned to her home in the Victorian, (Episode 4.7) but ultimately returned to the Present. (Episode 5.3)

Known members

Emily Merchant

A woman from the Victorian age who became lost through the Anomalies after she went through one in 1867 shortly after being married, and joined the Time Tribe at some point. After separating from the rest of the Tribe, Emily stayed in the Present for a matter of weeks - months, before returning through an Anomaly to 1867. However, after a year, she returned to the Present and is currently staying there.

Patrick Quinn

Patrick fled through an Anomaly into the Future as a teenager, and at some point met the Time Tribe and joined them under the alias of Ethan Dobrowski. According to Emily, Patrick was the most mentally disturbed of the Tribe. Patrick separated from the rest of the Time Tribe, and spent a matter of weeks in the Present before escaping through an Anomaly into the Pliocene.

Charlotte Cameron

Charlotte at some point became lost through the Anomalies and joined the Time Tribe. She separated from the rest of the Tribe, and died of an infection in the Present.

Behind the Scenes

Tim Haines and Adrian Hodges confirmed that the name of this group is the "Time Tribe", but it is unnamed onscreen.

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