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« "If we don't give him a kind death now, then, he will almost certainly suffer a far more tragic death, later…" »
Helen Cutter
Tim Jenkins was a mercenary, that was hired by James Lester and Jenny Lewis's team to help them find Nick Cutter, Abby Maitland, and Connor Temple in Extinction Event.


While the team is in the Permian period, Jenkins is attacked by a Dimetrodon, severely injuring him. Helen Cutter thinks that they should kill him there and then, but Jake Hemple refuses. Helen tells Hemple that if they didn't, he would suffer a far more unpleasant death later, and that the entire team would be put in grave danger. However, Hemple still refuses, and so they let Jenkins live.

Later, while the team is in the late Cretaceous period, Tim goes missing without a trace. Helen, Hemple, and Jenny go to look for him. They find his dead body being eaten by a pack of Troodons. The Troodons had snatched Jenkins, and they had eaten him alive. Hemple realized that Helen had been right all along. Jenkins had suffered a far more unpleasant death than the compassionate one that Hemple had been in a position to offer, and he wished he hadn't have thrown away the opportunity to afford his best friend some dignity at the end of his life. After the team left, the Troodons kept feasting on him. His remains were later found by Nick Cutter, and his team.

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