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This article is written from the real world point of view (not from the Primeval Universe).
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Tim Haines is a British director, producer and screenwriter, as well as the co-creator of Primeval, along with Adrian Hodges.

He is most famous for his work on other BBC documentaries, such as Walking with Dinosaurs, Walking with Beasts, Walking with Monsters, The Ballad of Big Al, Chased by Dinosaurs and Sea Monters: A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy. He has also written many books in relation to his TV series such as The Complete Guide to Prehistoic Life.


Tim Haines graduated from Bangor University in 1982 with a BSc in Applied Zoology, before beginning his career as a journalist, eventually coming to work as a producer for the BBC, making his debut in 1994 producing three episodes of Horizon. In 2002, he and the Walking with Dinosaurs co-creator, Jasper James, co-founded Impossible Pictures, which produced all of his films and projects from 2002 onwards, including Primeval.



  • 1999 - Walking with Dinosaurs
  • 2003 - Chased by Dinosaurs
  • 2005 - Walking with Monsters


  • 1994-1997 - Horizon (three episodes)
  • 1998 - Nova (two episodes)
  • 1999 - Walking with Dinosaurs
  • 2000 - The Ballad of Big Al
  • 2000 - The Science of Big Al
  • 2001 - Walking With Beasts
  • 2001 - Triumph of the Beasts
  • 2001 - The Beast Within
  • 2001 - The Lost World
  • 2003 - Sea Monsters: A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy
  • 2004 - The Legend of the Tamworth Two
  • 2004 - Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets
  • 2004 - Space Odyssey: The Robot Pioneers
  • 2005 - Walking with Monsters
  • 2006 - Ocean Odyssey
  • 2007-2011 - Primeval
  • 2009 - Defying Gravity
  • 2009 - Blitz Street

Awards and Nominations

Bafta TV Awards

  • 1999 - Walking With Dinosaurs (Won)

Emmy Awards

  • 2000 - Walking With Dinosaurs (Won)
  • 2001 - The Ballad Of Big Al (Won)
  • 2002 - Walking With Beast (Won)
  • 2003 - Chased By Dinosaurs (Won)
  • 2006 - Walking With Monsters (Won)
  • 2007 - Ocean Odyssey (Nominated)

Other Awards

  • Honourary Fellowship - Bangor University


Tim took part in the behind the scenes videos: The Making of Primeval (2007), Through the Anomaly (2008) and Genesis of a Creature (2009) and kindly answered the questions of of Anomaly Research Centre Wiki admin; The ARC Minister, pertaining to his part in the production of the show and about the show itself. The interviews can be read here, Tim Haines Interview and Questions about Primeval.

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