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This article is written from the real world point of view (not from the Primeval Universe).



Series Series 2
Narrator Andrew-Lee Potts
Channel ITV

Through the Anomaly is a special, featuring behind the scenes of the second series of Primeval. It was primarily filmed, written, directed and hosted by Andrew-Lee Potts, who plays Connor Temple, as the producers wanted a personalised version of the making of the first series. It has been released on the Series 2 DVD.


Head production crew


Design Works Windsor

  • Head of Sculpting: Edmund Barnett Ward
  • Sculpter: Alex Down

Other crew

  • Production Designer: Paul Cross
  • Costume Designer: Jacky Levy
  • 2nd Unit Stunt Coordinator: Vincent Keane
  • Director of Photography (Episode 2.1, 2.3, 2.4): Adam Suschitzky
  • Framestore Visual Effects Supervisor: Christian Manz
  • Producer: Paul Frift
  • 2nd Assistant Director: Tom Rye
  • Clapper Loader: Simon Surtees
  • Steadicam Operator: Roger Tooley
  • Script Supervisor (Episode 2.1, 2.3, 2.4): Karen Jones
  • Head of Sound at Lipsync Post: Steve Hayes
  • Character Group PLC - Group Marketing Director: Jon Driver

With Special thanks to

  • The cast and crew
  • Framestore CFC
  • Design Works
  • Character Group
  • BBC Worldwide

Crew for this episode

Offline editors

  • Andrew Carolan
  • Andrew-Lee Potts

Post Production team

  • Kate Fernie
  • Rashpal Dhaliwal


  • Graham Holton

Online editor

  • Connan McStay

Dubbing Mixer

  • Jon Stanton Dunn

Associate Producers

  • Alex Moss
  • Rebecca Fuller

Head of Production

  • Sam Jukes-Adams

Executive Producer

  • Tim Haines

Written and directed by

  • Andrew-Lee Potts