• Episode One Creature: Raptors Focus: Connor Elements: The first episode would focus on Connor and Abby, and their dynamic with the new team members. There would also be flashbacks to Connor and Abby’s time in the Cretaceous (which went very differently to Series 4), explaining what happened and how they escaped.

    This is the episode where the viewer would get to know the characters and see how they work as a team (some time has passed since the movie, so they’ve had time to refine their teamwork skills). Due to the time skip, we are being re-introduced to the characters; what would be most important is that the character's personalities would be the focus of their introductions, not necessarily their motivations. As for the overarching mythology, the episode would be largely stand-alone, with little contribution… with the exception of one scene at the end, in which a mysterious man observes the ARC leaving the scene (and taking a photo of Colin’s face), before following them himself.

    Episode Two Creature: Australopithecine Focus: Ray Elements: The main plot of the episode would involve the team going to Cannock Chase (Staffordshire) to investigate a series of creature attacks, seemingly conducted by some giant man/ape creature, unbeknownst to the fact that a pair of local carjackers are stalking them and planning to kill them, thinking the team are intruding on their “turf”. The creature is revealed to be an australopithecine; Paranthropus, to be more specific. Its size has been exaggerated, both for dramatic effect and to make it look more Bigfoot-like; to be more specific, it’s seven feet tall. The reason why it’s so aggressive is that it’s a rogue male looking for a territory.

    Ray would be at the centre of the episode, perhaps having the carjackers target him to provide some immediate conflict, but with more focus on establishing his involvement in the project, his worldview, and his relationships with the other characters, which will be important later on. The climax would be a showdown between Ray and the duo and take place in the middle of the Chase, (making Ray even more vulnerable), and result in the australopithecine pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment and attacking the two men, (Ray would be unconscious at this point, leading to some ambiguity on whether or not the australopithecine deliberately rescued him). The story would end with the man from Episode One asking to talk to the carjackers, who are now resident of a psychiatric hospital. The man interrogates them, showing them a photo of Colin and asking them if he was one of the people they encountered. When they respond in affirmative, the mysterious man smiles.

    Episode Three Creature: Stylonurus Focus: Lisa Elements: The third episode would involve a swarm of sea scorpions (Stylonurus) coming through an anomaly in a sewer. The anomaly is a mobile one and has been moving closer and closer into public swimming areas. The scorpions (which live in a colony) have been abducting people and animals and taking them to a “larder” in an abandoned water treatment plant to eat later. They have mostly been abducting children (yes, I know they're a swarm but they're only about three feet long; kids are easier to transport) from public swimming areas. This adds to the tension of stopping the creatures.

    Lisa would be at the centre of the episode, giving her a fear of water to serve as a source of immediate conflict, but, gradually, building more focus on Lisa’s character; her involvement in the project, her worldview, and her relationships with the other characters, which will be important later on. She is the one who is most insistent that the kids are still alive and that they need to find them; she doesn’t give up on them, even though everyone else is starting to. Lisa would be abducted by the creatures and taken to the “larder” to be eaten; there, she meets the kids (all of whom are still alive) and manages to escape with them. She, combined with ARC reinforcements, manages to fight the eurypterids off, personally killing the scorpion colony’s “queen”, and gets all the kids home. We get the first hints of Colin’s character arc when he expresses distaste at the notion of lying to the kids’ parents about why they disappeared.

    Episode Four Creature: Future Cat Focus: Colin Elements: An anomaly has opened on a road and some kind of future cat that has evolved the ability to walk (for brief periods) on its hind legs has come through. It begins attacking cars in broad daylight, killing one person and causing considerable injury to others, as well as destroying several vehicles. The locals are terrified of the creature, with some believing it to be the local monster, “The Wantford Were-Cat”. The team have to track it down before it kills again. The Future Cat, in my head, has a really interesting design, so I'd be content on this episode being creature heavy, that and as a single person coming up with these ideas, I've pretty much run out.

    Colin would be at the centre of the episode, with focus on establishing his involvement in the project, his worldview, and his relationships with the other characters, which will be important later on. We get the first seeds of Colin’s character arc; Colin comments to Ray, somewhat sadly, that the family of the woman who died will never know what truly happened to her. Whilst tracking the cat down with Alex, he starts wondering, throughout the episode, whether what he’s found himself doing is right; maybe the anomalies would be better off as public knowledge. The Future Cat is eventually tracked down, defeated and sent back through the anomaly; something that is observed by the Mysterious Man. Shortly after the Future Cat’s defeat, Colin, whilst heading back to his apartment, is approached by the Mysterious Man, who gives his name as Dmitri Strelnikov. Dmitri comments that he has been interested in the anomalies and the ARC for “quite some time” (conveniently leaving out how he found out about it); he asks Colin whether he thinks what the ARC is doing is right. Colin briefly hesitates and Dmitri smiles, saying “We have so much to discuss”.

    Episode Five Creature: Merycoidodon, Paracrax Focus: Ray Elements: A small herd of Merycoidodon come through an anomaly in a shopping centre, pursued by a Paracrax. The team have to get all the Merycoidodon through the anomaly, whilst avoiding the Paracrax. This is a breather episode and is a lot more humorous than the other ones; it has lots of funny scenes of the team chasing Merycoidodon around a shopping centre (sort of like the Diictodon episode of the original series).

    Episode Six Creature: Megalania, Diprotodon, Thylacine Focus: Alex Elements: An anomaly opens in a warehouse and a Megalania comes through, causing havoc and escaping into the nearby town. The main focus would be Alex, who is put in charge of tracking the Megalania before it harms anyone; we learn more about him, his worldview and his past. Eventually, the Megalania is tracked, defeated and sent back through the anomaly.

    After the rampage, Dmitri and Colin meet at the end of the episode. Dmitri tries to convince Colin that the ARC can’t keep the anomalies secret forever and that his goal is to make them public knowledge; he quickly offers Colin the opportunity to help him do so. Colin says he’ll think about it, before leaving.

    Episode Seven Creature: Styracosaurus, Daspletosaurus Focus: Colin Elements: An anomaly opens in Central London, letting through a Styracosaurus and a Daspletosaurus, the latter of which promptly proceeds to go on a rampage through London, killing several people in the process. The ARC struggle to cover up the incident as the team attempt to track the tyrannosaur down, seeming ineffective in stopping it; the event nearly leaks out onto the Internet, almost revealing the ARC to the world. The Daspletosaurus is eventually stopped and returned through the anomaly, but the Styracosaurus is left behind after the anomaly closes and is taken back to the menagerie. After the incident, whilst the Styracosaurus is being transported and the families of those who died are being fed the cover story, Colin briefly asks Ray how many more people need to die before they tell everyone what’s going on. Colin is, silently, attempting to recruit Ray to his and Dimitri’s plan; Ray, however, refuses.

    After the rampage, Dmitri and Colin meet at the end of the episode. Dmitri and Colin talk about how nearly the anomalies were revealed; however, the government covered it up in the end. Dmitri’s goal is to make them public knowledge; he, again, offers Colin the opportunity to help him do so. Colin, remembering what happened in the rampage, agrees.

    Episode Eight Creature: Quetzalcoatlus Focus: Colin Elements: Dmitri introduces Colin to his co-conspirators, Duncan (last seen in Episode 1.4; Series 4 and 5 are not canon here) and Caroline (last seen in Episode 2.7). Colin angsts about his deal with Dmitri and the morality of the ARC’s actions, and the episode would follow how he tries to cope with these internal conundrums. During this crisis, the team have to pursue a Quetzalcoatlus through St. James Park.

    The episode would end with Dmitri and Colin having another meeting, in which Dmitri stokes Colin’s paranoia, claiming that he was followed on his way to the meeting point and that there is a conspiracy going on within the ARC. Dmitri also convinces Colin that they have to expose the anomalies and to the public as soon as possible, in order to stop whatever “they” are planning. Colin resolves to tell Ray about the conspiracy and how he and Dmitri have been working against it. Dmitri, however, vehemently refuses, saying that Ray would not understand their claims. This would be the first indications that Dmitri is planning more than he lets on.

    Episode Nine Creature: Deinosuchus Focus: Lisa Elements: A Deinosuchus comes through an anomaly in the River Thames and causes havoc, as the ARC attempt to cover it up and the team seems ineffective in stopping it. Lisa is the focus of the episode, as she has to help track it down and reduce the amount of damage it causes, saving a boatload of tourists from the Deinosuchus at one point. The Deinosuchus is eventually found and led back through the anomaly, using bait. Colin asks Lisa, after the whole affair, whether she thinks what they’re doing is right and whether the veil of secrecy is worth it. Lisa rebuffs Colin, saying that the public knowing about the anomalies would cause mass hysteria. Deinosuchus is one of my favourite prehistoric creatures, so I'd be content on this episode being creature heavy, that and as a single person coming up with these ideas, I've pretty much run out.

    Episode Ten Creature: Compsognathus Focus: Colin Elements: The episode opens with Dmitri and Colin having another meeting; Dmitri informs Colin further of the conspiracy in the ARC, saying that Cutter, despite having issues with the veil of secrecy, went along with it. Colin bitterly remarks that Cutter sold out his own principles, to which Dmitri nods in affirmative, saying that idea of forced moral compromise is precisely why he disagreed with the ARC. When Colin leaves, Dmitri secretly pockets Colin’s ARC pass. The creature scenes in the episode are a lot more humorous than the other ones; it has lots of funny scenes of the team chasing compys around a TESCO. Meanwhile, Dmitri, using Colin’s stolen pass, sneaks Caroline into the ARC at night; she’s almost caught when she accidentally awakens the Styracosaurus, but manages to leave with one of the portable anomaly detectors….

    Episode Eleven Creature: Dilophosaurus Focus: Colin Elements: Colin reflects on his experiences since he learned of the fissures, his involvement with the ARC, and his growing doubts over the morality of their actions, all the while trying to keep a pack of Dilophosaurus from attacking people on Hampstead Heath; and him resolving that his pact with Dmitri gives him new purpose). Dilophosaurus is one of my favourite dinosaurs, so, again, I'd be content on this episode being creature heavy, that and as a single person coming up with these ideas, I've pretty much run out.

    Episode Twelve Creature: Entelodon Focus: Ray Elements: The episode opens four years ago; an anomaly opens in Brixton, which a baby Entelodon comes through.

    Four years later, Ray notes an article on a website called detailing mysterious disappearances in a run-down area of Brixton. Even though there’s no evidence of an anomaly, Ray convinces Connor to let him investigate; Ray takes Alex and Lisa with him. When tracking the person who runs down, they find Taylor Craig (last seen in Episode 2.5), now a pill-popping, paranoid wreck obsessed with monster sightings. Taylor is convinced that there is a creature in the area and that it’s been killing people.

    After several harrowing encounters, it’s revealed that a gang of drug-runners found the baby Entelodon and have raised it as an attack dog, using it to kill people who cross them; unfortunately for them, the Entelodon kills its former master, just as Abby, along with ARC reinforcements arrive. Ray and Taylor plead for the Entelodon’s life, saying that it was abused by the cartel; it is taken back to the menagerie. As the ARC team are “cleaning up”, Ray jokingly deputises Taylor, saying that if she hadn’t sent the word out, they’d still be using the Entelodon to kill people.

    Meanwhile, Dmitri is walking by an old house and mutters “It hasn’t changed a bit.” Whilst he is doing this, he briefly meets an old man who asks him if he is “that boy”. Dmitri, clearly shocked, politely tells the old man that he is mistaken and that he isn’t; he claims that the boy in question died a long time ago and that his name is Dmitri Strelnikov.

    The episode ends with Colin and Alex at the pen where the Entelodon (who Ray has named Wilbur) is kept; Alex is scratching Wilbur’s back with a bristle, which Wilbur is clearly enjoying. Colin attempts to, subtly, bring Alex round to his way of thinking; however, Alex refuses. “Look at what happened to Wilbur”, he says, “What will people do to these creatures? Creatures that they don’t understand?” Colin coldly states in response, “This isn’t about the creatures; it’s about our future.”

    Episode Thirteen Creature: Metrodiocherus, Dinofelis Focus: Colin Elements: An anomaly opens in an abandoned factory, with both the ARC team and Dmitri (using the portable anomaly detector he swiped back in Episode Ten) picking it up. When they get there, they initially find a Metrodiocherus (giant prehistoric warthog). The warthog runs off, back through the anomaly, and the team are attacked by the Dinofelis which also came through the anomaly. The cat chases them through the building, finally cornering them; however, just as the cat is about to kill them, it’s scared off… by Danny Quinn!

    Connor and Abby rejoice at Danny’s return, but before they can return to the ARC, they encounter Dmitri, who widens his eyes upon seeing Danny, and runs off, just as the Dinofelis attacks them again; the team split up, Danny, Colin and Lisa go after Dmitri, whilst Ray, Alex, Connor and Abby go after the Dinofelis. After a brief chase, the latter team manages to subdue the Dinofelis, tranquillising it and locking it in an unused storage room. The former team corners Dmitri by the outer wall of the factory; Dmitri pulls a gun on them and reveals his meetings with Colin. However, that’s not the biggest revelation; Danny appears to recognise Dmitri. This is because Dmitri is, in actuality… Patrick Quinn, Danny’s long-lost brother!

    Back at the ARC, Danny begs to speak with Patrick, but Colin wants to talk to him first. Lester greets Danny, showing him around the new ARC and introducing him to the new team. Danny is told about what Patrick has done , and wonders what has happened to him.

    Colin questions Patrick about what he's done and about whether Patrick was lying to him, but realises that Patrick has been using their meetings to infiltrate the ARC; Colin was not informed about Patrick stealing the portable anomaly detector. Realising Patrick has been lying to him all this time, Colin attempts to call for help, but Patrick kidnaps him and orders that he take him back to the factory. His escape with Colin triggers an alarm; Patrick uses Colin as a hostage, steals an ARC jeep and heads back to the factory. Ray and Danny take off after him.

    Back at the factory, Patrick, using Colin as a hostage, tells Danny that he had needed to kill the creatures on the other side of the anomaly he had first gone through in order to survive. After a time, he began to enjoy it and he began killing people, believing them to just be animals too. Danny wants to help his brother, but refuses to let him go through the factory anomaly. Patrick unlocks the storage room and releases the Dinofelis to serve as a diversion. Whilst the rest of the team hold it off, a now-repentant Colin and Danny corner Patrick near the anomaly; an enraged Patrick shoots Danny, seriously injuring him. Using that as a diversion, Patrick attempts to go through the anomaly, but is killed by the Dinofelis.

    Dying, Danny reveals that Patrick knew Helen Cutter; he found a document on Helen Cutter’s body indicating that they met at some point (the implication is that that’s how he found out about the ARC; Helen told him about them). The even subtler implication is that he was infiltrating the ARC as revenge for Helen’s death.

    Back at the ARC, Lester tells Colin that Stephen felt like Colin did; even Cutter might have considered it for a while. Lester tells Colin, however, that they’d vowed to keep the anomalies a secret before they died; at least until the ARC knew more about them. Lester states that the fewer people know about them, the better; if everyone knew, there could be a thousand people like Patrick, planning to use the anomalies for their own ends.

    What do you think? I have full summaries for them, if you like. Which was your favourite?

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