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Historical information
Object type Anomaly map
Creator/origin Nick Cutter
Owner(s) ARC
Production information
Appearances Episode 3.2
Episode 3.3
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« "I’ve always liked modern art. So uncompromising." »
Lester on seeing the Matrix[src]

The Matrix is an anomaly map created by Nick Cutter. The purpose of the Matrix was to predict the locations of future anomalies, but it also shows anomalies that have already appeared. It was also used in the Artefact as a holographic map. Both the actual Matrix and the Artefact were destroyed by Helen Cutter. The Matrix listed anomaly incursions such as Smilodon, Giant Spider, Future Bird and Columbian Mammoth.


Episode 3.2

Cutter starts working on the Matrix, filling the Matrix with data on all the anomalies he's encountered such as the Columbian Mammoth anomaly and the Future Bird anomaly. Sarah Page is charged with the task of researching mythological creatures that might have a connection to the anomalies. She starts by finding out as much as possible about the Qilin. It is proved the Matrix works when it succesfully predicts the anomaly in the Abandoned House.

Episode 3.3

Nick shows the Matrix to Lester. In Helen Cutter's attack on the ARC, she wishes that Cutter and herself could have worked on it, Later, the Matrix is badly damaged in an explosion caused by the Nick Cutter Clone, and Cutter himself is killed shortly afterwards. With Nick dead, and him being the only person who ever understood the Matrix, it will never be of any use again, even if they could repair it; Sarah Page says that she wouldn't even know where to start.

The Artefact


The Matrix from the Artefact.

The Artefact, presumably created in the ARC, had a much more sophisticated version of the Matrix in holographic form. It seems the purpose of the Artefact was to store all the information about the anomalies, including having an anomaly in it. Nevertheless, the Artefact could as well download the information into a remote, where the data of the Matrix would be previewed. Eventually the Artefact was destroyed by Helen Cutter, and later presumably erased from time when New Dawn changed the future. (Episode 3.6, Episode 3.9, Episode 3.10, Episode 4.1) Thus, the knowledge of the Matrix was presumably lost forever.


  • The Matrix includes a tag labelled "Pacha Kamaq - Future Bird", confirming the Bird's appearance in Shadow of the Jaguar was canon to the television series.
  • There is a slight possibility that Cutter also made a computer version of the Matrix, therefore making it possible to salvage the data in it. However, this is unconfirmed.
  • Between episodes 3.2 and 3.3, Cutter might have made more Matrix predictions.
  • If Cutter made an online Matrix, then it's possible that an ARC member could have salvaged it and put it into the Artifact, therefore explaining the holographic Matrix inside the Artifact.
  • This was the last major anomaly "device" made by Cutter, counting the detector and possibly the ACD and Sun cages. It is also the only one that was destroyed.
  • A few anomalies had tags on them with labels like "Columbian Mammoth" or 'Future Bird."
  • There is a possibility that the Matrix was wrong, because it used mythological creatures as a basis, and if no creature came through an anomaly, or a creature came through but left no impact on human mythology, it would not be included in the Matrix.
  • The Matrix is the only device not made at least partially by Connor.
  • It was the only device Sarah Page contributed to.
  • The matrix was presumably used only in Episode 3.2, though the Artifact was used many more times. Also, the Matrix may have been used between Episodes 3.2 and 3.3.
  • In a timeline in which Helen had no interference in, the The Artifact would most possibly made by Connor and Nick along with the Anomaly Opening Device.


  • The Matrix does not have enough detail to "accurately date Anomalies" and predict locations.
  • The Matrix seems only to have connections between different time eras but it was shown to predict the location of an Anomaly. (Episode 3.2)
  • It would be impossible for Cutter to predict the Abandoned House Anomaly because:
    • He did not know what mythical creature the Camo-Beast could be, eg; gremlin, cornish pixie, redcap.
    • He has no idea when or where the future is?
  • For Cutter to predict the Abandoned House Anomaly, he must have known:
    • it was a future Anomaly, why would he send the Team in with no backup?
    • what creature they would be dealing with, why would he send the Team in without telling them?

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