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This article is written from the real world point of view (not from the Primeval Universe).
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This article is about the 45 minute special, not the Series.
Series The Making of Primeval
Narrator Matthew Delamere
Channel ITV3

The Making of Primeval is a 45 minute special, featuring behind the scenes of the first series of Primeval. It featured cast and crew, doing their respected jobs eg: acting, animating and producing. It has been released on the Series 1 DVD.


Head production crew


Framestore CFC

  • Director of Computer Animation: Mike Milne
  • Digital Textures Lead/creature concept designer: Daren Horley
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Christian Manz
  • Lead Animator: James Farrington

Crawley Creatures

  • Jez Gibson-Harris
  • Animatronic Designer: Chris Clarke

Other crew

  • Supervising Sound Editor: Lee Walpole
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Paul Fulton
  • Marquette Maker: Jeremy Hunt
  • Cyberscanning: Guy Hauldren

Crew for this special

  • Narrator: Matthew Delamere
  • Photography: Kess Bohan
  • Sound Recordist: Calum Thomson
  • Dubbing Mixer: Kevin Boyle
  • Colourist: Graeme Hayes
  • Production Coordinator: Camilla Wren, Rebecca Fuller
  • Assistant Producer: Gaby Bastyra
  • Researcher: Harry Connolly
  • Editor: Dragomir Bajalica
  • Line Producer: Teresa Nunn
  • Executive Producer for ITV3: Joe Talbot
  • Executive Producer: Tim Haines
  • Directed and Produced by: Rebecca Cody