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This schoolteacher taught at a junior school in the Forest of Dean which Ben Trent went to.

One afternoon, while Ben Trent was serving after-school detention with the teacher, he tried to warn the teacher of a Gorgonopsid attacking the school; but the teacher did not believe Ben until she heard it charging down the corridor outside. Disregarding Ben's warnings not to open the door, she did so and screamed upon seeing the angry predator. Slamming and locking the door, the teacher and Ben then barricaded themselves in from the Gorgonopsid, until Stephen Hart arrived and drew the creature away by telling it to "pick on someone your own size". (Episode 1.1)

According to Claudia Brown, in the aftermath of the Gorgonopsid attack on the school, the schoolteacher was left in shock and as such easy to keep away from any newspapers. (Episode 1.2)