The Taser rifles were a type of modified Tranquilizer Rifle that combine tranquillising darts with tasing properties. They are used by Special Projects Group.


These weapons are tranquiliser rifles that have been modified to combine the darts with taser abilities.


After the Special Projects Group, let a Lycaenops kill some of Cross Photonics staff, Evan Cross modified the existing rifles to work more effectively by combining tranquillising darts with tasing properties.

Clean Up on Aisle Three

Evan Cross introduced his new creation to the Special Projects Group. Evan broke into a shop, containing an Anomaly, using the rifle. The SPG try to use the rifles to shoot some Daemonosaurus but fail due to the fast nature of the dinosaurs. The team uses other means to return the dinosaurs through the Anomaly.

Babes in the Woods

The SPG took down two Ornitholestes but one later revived.


Mac Rendell and Dylan Weir, took down a Pachycephalosaurus with the rifles. Later when Evan hallucinated an Albertosaurus, he tried to shoot it with a taser rifle, without success. He then moved on to live rounds due to the rifles "not working".


File:New World 1.10.jpeg

Evan and Dylan took their Taser rifles on an incursion but did not use them due to the sheer size of the Triceratops deciding to lure it back through instead.

The Great Escape

Evan and Dylan Weir tested different levels of power on the darts. Later they shot Leggy the Terror Bird.

The Sound of Thunder: Part 1

The SPG try to use the taser rifles on a Brontoscorpio without success due to its tough exoskeleton.

The Sound of Thunder: Part 2

Project Magnet confiscate the SPG's Taser Rifles while in the Cretaceous.

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