« "You're upset!"
Of course I'm upset. I love you!" »
— Steve shows that he cares for Taylor[src]

Steve (possibly Steve Craig) was the laid back stepfather of Taylor Craig. He and Taylor lived in a Hackney flat.


At some point Steve was partnered with Taylor's mother before she got ill and passed away. Steve became Taylor's sole carer, however he apparently started drinking which caused himself an his stepdaughter to get into lots of arguments.

Episode 2.5

One day Steve and Taylor were arguing about who should walk their dog Sprat. Steve reminded Taylor she was Sprat's carer, so she threatened to make Sprat urinate on Steve's car before leaving. Unbeknownst to Steve, Taylor followed Sprat through an Anomaly and got marooned and Steve assumed she had run away.

A portrait of Steve's partner and Taylor. (Episode 2.5)

Jenny Lewis, from the Anomaly Research Centre, alerted Steve to the fact that Taylor was lost but told him that she was stuck down a hole on a worksite. Steve was devastated, wishing he was a better stepfather. Later on when the Anomaly closed, James Lester arranged for Jenny to tell Steve that Taylor had not survived.

Fortunately, another Anomaly opened and Taylor returned. Nick Cutter brought her home just as Jenny was telling Steve the 'bad news'. Steve was over the moon and he made up with Taylor, promising to be a better parent for her.