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The Sterile Earth desert was a barren, hostile wasteland in the Future, inhabited by Mutated Future Predators and at some point; a handful of Humans. It was regularly ravaged by toxic winds, and there was at least one bunker here that was built as a shelter by Humanity before it died out.


Matt and Gideon Anderson apparently lived in or at one point visited the Sterile Earth Desert before they were sent through the Anomalies to the Present.

Episode 5.6

Many years after Matt and Gideon left the future, Connor Temple fell through the New Dawn Anomaly into the Sterile Earth Desert. He was attacked by a Mutated Future Predator, but before the Predator could harm him, a toxic storm hit the desert, forcing the Predator to retreat. The poisonous winds left Connor hot and weak, and virtually unable to move.

By the time the storm had died down, Matt came through the Anomaly into the Sterile Earth Desert, and found Connor. The Future Predator returned to kill them, but another Predator also arrived and the two fought for food. One Predator eventually killed and defeated the other, but before the victorious Predator could attack Matt and Connor, Abby Maitland arrived through the Anomaly and blasted it away. At that moment, another storm hit the desert, forcing Matt, Connor and Abby to take shelter in a bunker.

Once the toxic winds had died down again, Matt, Connor and Abby returned to the surface and made a run for the New Dawn Anomaly, pursued by several Future Predators. However, they were able to blast the Predators away with their EMDs and escaped back through the Anomaly to the Present.



  • If one listens closely in Matt's flashbacks of the desert in Episodes 4.1 and 4.6, a distant, female voice can be heard crying out for help.
  • A tree can be seen as Abby, Connor and Matt run back to the New Dawn Anomaly in Episode 5.6, it is presumably, accidentally in the scene as almost no lifeforms could live on the Sterile Earth Desert.
  • In Episode 4.1 and 4.6 the flashbacks of the desert had an orange tint to the atmosphere and brownish-coloured rock formations, whereas the desert in 5.6 had a yellow-tinted atmosphere and darker-coloured rock formations. The scenes are the exact same so presumably it was a production error.

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