This flat was the home of Stephen Hart, and was located in London. The flat had at least two stories with the bedroom and bathroom downstairs and the living area upstairs.


After Stephen had a near-death experience, Abby Maitland suggested to come over to his place for coffee and stay for breakfast the next morning, but when she found out about his girlfriend, she changed her mind. Fortunately for her, Stephen got amnesia and forgot that Abby had offered to stay the night. (Episode 1.2)

After Helen Cutter was injured in the Cretaceous, she travelled to Stephen's flat to get assistance from him. He helped patch her up in the bathroom before she went to sleep in his bed. Stephen warned her to be gone by the time he returned from an Anomaly alert, and she did leave. (Episode 2.2) After being slimed in the Devonian, Helen again travelled to Stephen's flat, this time to have a shower. Stephen again found her. (Episode 2.5)

Helen and Stephen returned to his flat after he was fired from the ARC. Helen seduced Stephen and left sometime later. (Episode 2.6) Stephen was sulking on his bed when Lester called him for assistance. (Episode 2.7)