Spring River Airport was a private airport located outside Vancouver.


Fear of Flying

In early 2012, a giant Anomaly opened up at the airport on the runway, and Jim and Pallavi Grewal accidentally flew their plane, Eastern Airlines Flight 443, through into the Jurassic.

The Special Projects Group subsequently arrived at Spring River Airport, and Evan Cross and Dylan Weir went through the Anomaly to rescue Jim and Pallavi from the other side while Mac Rendell and Samantha Sedaris stayed at the airport in the present to guard the Anomaly.

When a Jurassic Beetle queen came through the Anomaly, it roamed the airport, pursued by Mac and Sam, and laid numerous eggs into a local worker's throat, before Samantha and Mac captured the queen and removed the eggs from the worker.

After Evan and Dylan returned to Spring River Airport through the Anomaly, Samantha caused the Beetle queen to go back through by shooting it down and causing it to lose control of its flight and fall back through the Anomaly.

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