This Spaghetti Junction was located in a hill range in an unspecified time period, and was used by Helen Cutter to escape from the Home Office.


Episode 1.4

Helen Cutter escaped through one of the Junction's Anomalies from the Home Office at a football stadium in the present. Tom Ryan and Stephen Hart followed Helen through the Anomaly into the Spaghetti Junction in search of her, but Helen had escaped into another one of the Junction's Anomalies before they could follow her.

Ryan and Stephen then returned to the present, and shortly afterwards, five Dodos passed through the Anomaly from the Junction to the football stadium. Three of the Dodos were sent back through the Anomaly into the Spaghetti Junction, and the Anomaly closed shortly afterwards.

Extinction Event

When Helen was travelling with Jenny Lewis and an SAS squad led by Jake Hemple to reach the Tunguska Anomaly site, she brought them through an Anomaly from the Permian to this Spaghetti Junction, then from there through another Anomaly to the very last days of the Cretaceous.


  • It was never specified what time or place the Spaghetti Junction was located in. Helen admitted in Extinction Event that because she only used the Junction as a hub for accessing other time periods, she herself had no idea what time the Junction world was or what one would find if they'd explored the lands beyond the Junction.
    • Some fans have suggested that, unbeknownst to Helen or the Home Office team at the time due to not exploring the rest of the world beyond the Junction, this Spaghetti Junction could in fact be located in the future.

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