Sophie is a character from the Primeval novel Fire and Water. She met Danny Quinn and James Lester at a Johannesburg airport, after two park game game wardens named Jayce and Ellie were killed by an unknown creature, which was later figured out to be a Eustreptospondylus. Danny is shown to have had feelings for Sophie, and it is frequently mentioned that she does for him; however, she did not reveal much of these emotions.

She aided Danny and Lester in their enquiries, while secretly being paid-off by Tom Samuels' oil refinery to remove unwanted people from the situation and not speak a word of the company's goings on. Later, when the three of them went out in the park looking for the postosuchus, she sabotaged their guns so they only fired blanks, causing Danny to be left defenceless infront of the vicous creature. However, suddenly feeling guilty, she attempted to tackle the reptile. She managed to kill the creature, but she died from the injuries which she sustained during the fight a few moments later. (Fire and Water)


  • Sophie is one of the new suite of game rangers bought in and payed by the oil refinery to replace the "old guard" as Ted calls them. Samuels claims that the original rangers disappeared in "unfortunate circumstances" when in actual fact he was having them killed off by his smörgåsbord of creatures.
  • It is mentioned that Sophie's aged parents depend on the money she brings for them.

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