Site 333 is a location in the Great Rift Valley in Africa, and was where Australopithecus lived during the Pliocene epoch.


Episode 3.10

Helen Cutter travelled through an Anomaly into the Pliocene on her mission to wipe the early Australopithecus so that humanity would not evolve to create the Future Predators, and found a group of twelve Australopithecus at Site 333. She killed them by poisoning the river they lived by, and Danny Quinn arrived shortly after. Before Helen could find and kill enough other Australopithecus to affect the timeline, a Raptor which had followed her and Danny to the Pliocene attacked her on a cliff in Site 333; causing them both to fall to their deaths in the process. Danny then tried to return to the Cretaceous through the Anomaly, but it closed just before he could go through; marooning him in the Pliocene.

Episode 4.7

At some point after he was marooned in the Pliocene, Danny apparently returned to Helen's body at Site 333, and discovered her documents about Philip Burton on her corpse.



  • Connor mentioned that Site 333 was where thirteen Australopithecus which all died simultaneously were discovered, implying that Helen's actions at Site 333 in the Pliocene were already recorded into the timeline. This was confirmed on the Primeval site.


  • It is assumed that after Helen was killed by a Raptor at Pliocene Site 333 and her body left there by Danny with the dead Australopithecus, she became the thirteenth Hominid discovered at the site. However, fans have questioned how, if this is true, could Helen's skeleton could be mistaken for that of an Australopithecus when modern humans' bones differ greatly from those of Australopithecus.
    • Prehaps only certain parts of Helen's skeleton was found not the whole thing.
  • The Raptor body at Pliocene Site 333 was left there by Danny with the dead Australopithecus, how come the Raptor's body wasn't found with the Australopithicus.
    • Danny probably came back and removed it.
Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Site 333!

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