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The Silurian desert was a desert in the Silurian period inhabited by Silurian Scorpions and Millipedes. The desert is harsh and dry, though cloud patterns indicated a nearby body of water. There were also small scattered rocks which offer protection from the scorpions, and the desert was often subjected to sandstorm.


Episode 2.5

An Anomaly linking the Silurian Desert to present day Hackney opened up and Taylor Craig followed her dog Sprat through into the Silurian. When Silurian Scorpions attacked Sprat, Taylor took shelter on a crop of rocks and Sprat returned through the Anomaly. Oliver Leek also sent the Cleaner and two other mercenaries into the desert through the Anomaly, where they were attacked by a Scorpion which only the Cleaner survived.

Later, Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart went through the Anomaly to rescue Taylor, and were chased by two Silurian Scorpions onto the rocks where Taylor was. The three then tried to make their way back to the Anomaly, but they were marooned in the Silurian when the Anomaly closed. They subsequently searched the desert for water, when a new Anomaly opened.

Using a handheld Anomaly Detection Device to track the Anomaly, Cutter, Stephen and Taylor made their way through the desert for it. They briefly encountered the Cleaner before the latter was eaten by a Scorpion. As the trio got nearer to the Anomaly, Taylor accidentally alerted a Silurian Scorpion. The Scorpion attacked Stephen, but the latter escaped when it fought with another Scorpion over him. Cutter, Taylor and Stephen then escaped through the Anomaly back to the present.



  • Some fans have theorised that the Silurian Desert is located in Great Britain, as Silurian Scorpions and Millipedes lived in the desert, and Brontoscorpio and Eoarthropleura lived in Britain during the Silurian period.

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