Series 5 of Primeval, also known as Primeval V, is the fifth series of the original British Primeval television programme. Series 5 focuses primarily on Philip Burton's plans for the Anomalies and New Dawn, and on Matt Anderson's mission to stop New Dawn from destroying the future and how Connor and Abby's opposing allegiances affect their relationship.


Matt's secret mission to find the ARC member that will destroy the future continues, as does Philip's New Dawn project for the Anomalies. After Abby learns of Matt's mission, the latter recruits her into it, while Connor instead joins Philip in the New Dawn project. Connor and Abby's opposing allegiances in turn strains their relationship more and more.

Matt and Abby's fears that New Dawn is what will destroy the future are soon confirmed, and after Connor realises his error, he and the rest of the ARC team join Matt and Abby against Philip as the latter activates New Dawn. Although Philip successfully activates New Dawn, the team manage to stop New Dawn and save the future. However, Matt then sees a double of him at the ARC which gives him a warning.


Director Writer(s) Air date Main creature(s)
31 1 Mark Everest Chris Lang 24 May, 2011 Giant Burrowing Insect
32 2 Robert Quinn Steve Bailie 31 May, 2011 Liopleurodon
Swimming Theropod
33 3 Robert Quinn Paul Mousley
Gabbie Asher
7 June, 2011 Raptor
34 4 Robert Quinn Helen Raynor 14 June, 2011 Future Beetle
35 5 Cilla Ware Michael A. Walker 21 June, 2011 Tyrannosaurus rex
36 6 Cilla Ware Steve Bailie
Adrian Hodges
28 June, 2011 Mutated Future Predator

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Series 5 of Primeval received generally mixed - positive reviews and reception, with some critics praising the solid character development, plot and story arc and the action and creatures featured.



  • Before Series 4 even aired, a Primeval fan posted fan-made episode plots on the web which were falsely claimed to be leaked canon plots.
  • After Series 4 finished on ITV1, many fans began to speculate that Philip Burton would create the Future Predators, and some that he would mutate Connor Temple into one. This was proven completely false.
  • There were numerous other rumours involving Connor, including rumours that he would die in Series 5 (some of these rumours that Philip would shoot him), and rumours that he would leave Abby Maitland for a relationship with April. These were confirmed to be false.
  • After the rumours surrounding Episode 4.7 of a creature incursion within the ARC and the creatures in the Menagerie becoming involved in a huge battle were proved false, rumours began that this would happen in Series 5 and that this would mark the return of Sid and Nancy.

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