The Series 4 Prequel Webisodes are special short episodes of Primeval set between Series 3 and Series 4 released on the Web on 22 December 2010 leading up to the January 1st 2011 premiere of Episode 4.1.


The webisodes gives a short glimpse of the Anomaly Research Centre during the time that Abby and Connor were stuck in the Cretaceous for a year. It primarily introduces new team members Matt Anderson and Jess Parker and explains in more detail why the changes in the Anomaly operation occurred.


Episode Synopsis
Webisode 1 The Anomaly Research Centre staff are questioned about the last mission and the suspension of the ARC operation, Matt and Jess are interviewed.
Webisode 2 Becker arrives at the new ARC building and meets Jess, Matt speaks with Gideon.
Webisode 3 Matt meets Becker, and gives Gideon his first impressions on the ARC team.
Webisode 4 Matt orders non-lethal weapons and gives a speech to the old and new ARC staff.
Webisode 5 Jess asks Becker about the mission to stop Helen, Gideon warns Matt not to mess up.

Cast and crew


  • The webisodes were written by Sarah Dollard and filmed at the same time as Series 5. (Series 4 and 5 were made in the same shooting block but with the Series 4 episodes being filmed first.)