Scotland is a country in the United Kingdom, located above England and to the north-east of Ireland. Nick Cutter was born in Scotland, specifically it's capital city, Edinburgh. During the 2011 convergence, at least one anomaly opened in the north of Scotland. (Episode 5.5). As with the case of the Pristichampsus of Ancient Egypt and the Dracorex of Medieval England it is possible that once an Anomaly opened in Scotland's Loch Ness and let through a Creature, possibly a Plesiosaur (well-known examples include Plesiosaurus, Elasmosaurus and Cryptoclidus) that sparked the legend of the Loch Ness Monster. It is unknown if the anomaly closed or if the animal made it back to it's home era, as it is just a theory, however this theory is hinted at in Primeval Evolved. The creature that sparked the legend of Loch Ness, may have instead been a Nothosaur, as it seems a just as likely candidate.

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