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Tom Samuels' oil refinery was an oil mine located in South Africa. It was founded by Tom Samuels, whom later became its very first CEO. Unbeknownest to almost everyone, Samuels had used controlled anomalies to construct an identical refinery in the late Jurassic, his reasoning that they should exploit the potential the anomalies offered to solve the energy crisis by drilling for oil in the deep past; because of that, the South African mine was an empty building, a placebo.

The prehistoric refinery contained an identical copy of the ARC's main operations room, the only difference being the lighting (red instead of blue), as well as an identical Anomaly Detection Device. The highly-advanced technology contained in the building could also easily lock and create anomalies, as shown fequently in the novel, for example when Connor, Abby, and Becker travelled back through another anomaly that coincidentally opened uphill from the building, they could not return as the anomaly was being locked from inside the refinery; Connor's locking device refused to work. The stranded team then built a catapult to fire a box of catnip at the mine; there was method in the apparent madness, as close by a herd of massive Sauroposeidons (which seemed to go crazy for catnip) followed the scent of it to the building, where they knocked over a pile of full oil drums, initiating a catastrophic explosion which destroyed the mine.

In order to protect the company's secrets, Samuels caught several postosuchus and trained them to become his very own reptilian "guard dogs". Ironically, Samuels soon became a victim of his postosuchus that he thought would protect him.


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