Ryan Mason was friends with Patrick Quinn and Matt, and the only one of them to come out of their encounter with a Camouflage Beast at the Brooks house.


When Ryan was a teenager, he and his friends, Matt and Patrick, broke into the local Brooks house for a laugh. While Matt and Patrick went upstairs, Ryan explored the house's kitchen, when he heard his friends upstairs scream. Upon going to the stairs to investigate, he found his friends had vanished and saw a flickering glow from an upstairs room that hadn't been there before (unbeknownst to him, it was the glow from an Anomaly); but before he could go investigate, a Camouflage Beast attacked him. Ryan was able to escape by throwing ash from the fireplace in the Camo Beast's eyes, distracting it long enough for him to flee.

Afterwards, when Ryan left the house alive while Matt and Patrick had disappeared without a trace, he was hounded by the community, including Patrick's brother Danny, for many years and suspected of murdering his friends. Ryan attempted many times as the years passed to return to the now-abandoned house and find out what really happened, but he never drew up the courage and remained haunted. (Episode 3.2)

Episode 3.2

Fourteen years later, by which time Ryan had gotten a job at a fairground, Connor Temple and Jenny Lewis approached him at the fairground and tried to ask him about what had happened in the house, but Ryan tried to get away from them and wanted them to go. However, when Connor said that they truthfully believed that he was innocent and that it wasn't his fault, Ryan explained to them what had happened in the house.

Later, Ryan finally drew up the courage to go back into the house, where he, Abby Maitland and the Anomaly Research Centre team were attacked by the Camo Beast, and saw it kill Jimmy Keel. Danny then arrived at the house to find Jimmy's corpse and, in fury, pointed a gun at Ryan's head and demanded to know what he did to his brother. However, Danny lowered his gun in grief, just before the Camouflage Beast targeted him and knocked him out. Just then, the Anomaly reopened; the Camo Beast initially went back through to its home time, but then suddenly jumped back through to attack the team, only to be repeatedly shot back through by a recovered Danny.

Shortly afterwards, Ryan watched outside the house as the ARC forces boarded it up. Danny went up to him and apologised for thinking he'd killed Patrick, and the two made their peace.

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