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Character Jess Parker
Date of birth 26th January 1989
Place of birth
Appearances Series 4

Series 5

Ruth Kearney is an Irish actress well known for playing the part of Jess Parker in ITV drama,Primeval. She becomes a main part from Series 4 to Series 5. She first appeared in S4 Prequel Episode 1 as the field team co-ordinator. Ruth also appeared in the next 4 webisodes. Her first on-screen appearance was in Episode 4.1, and she later appeared in the rest of Series 4. Ruth has also appeared in Episode 5.1, Episode 5.2, Episode 5.3, Episode 5.4 and Episode 5.5 of Series 5 as well as the finale, Episode 5.6,

Series 4 Main Cast
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Series 5 Main Cast
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Alexander SiddigRuth BradleyJanice Byrne

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