Russia is a large pan-continental country which stretches from the border with Ukraine to the Bering Strait. Its capital city is Moscow. It has borders with Norway, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, North Korea, China, Mongolia, Finland, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Poland. The capital of Russia is Moscow. Russia is home to the Tunguskan Research Team.


In 1902, Patrick Quinn, having became murderous after his self-defence against the Camouflage Beasts travelled through an anomaly to Russia where he went by the alias of anarchist Ethan Dobrowski. He murdered at least half a dozen people in Russia before disappearing without a trace, through another anomaly. (Episode 4.6)

Around a century later, two anomalies opened there, at some tundra near Tunguska. A research team kidnapped key members of the English ARC in dealing with the threat posed, that including two Tyrannosaurus Rex. (Extinction Event)

James Lester mentioned that he was able to be the ambassador to Moscow. (Episode 4.1)

According to a naval officer, Russian submarines, along with American and Chinese ones, "sneak around playing hide and seek" in the North Sea. This influenced his decision to close an anomaly there with a nuclear blast, fearing that if a Russian or other submarine went missing off the coast of Britain, it would start World War III. (Episode 5.2)


Behind the Scenes

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Russia!

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