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Rina Suvova was a Russian palaeontologist and head of a group of scientists sent to Tunguska to monitor the "erratics" with the research team. She was famous for spearheading several archaeological digs, including one involving Nick and Helen Cutter before they were married. She became quite fond of Nick, often addressing him as "Nicky", and was the one who suggested recruiting him to help with the problem in Siberia. When Cutter arrived (having been kidnapped along with two of his friends), Rina apologised for the unceremonious means of recruitment and was the only one who believed him when he explained that the "erratics" were from an anomaly to the late Cretaceous period. When she finally saw it for herself, via going through the anomaly, the experience quite overwhelmed her. When the Tyrannosaurus Baba Yaga attacked the camp, Suvova and Grisha Bulov managed to escape thanks to the actions of Abby Maitland in distracting the creature. After the anomaly was sealed, Rina Suvova bid the ARC team farewell. (Extinction Event).

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