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Richard Bentley's apartment - Future rainforest Anomaly
5. Apartment Future-Present Anomaly The Present side of the Anomaly
5. Future Rainforest Future-Present Anomaly The Future side of the Anomaly
Historical information
First time and location linked Richard Bentley's Apartment, Present
Second time and location linked Future Rainforest, Future
Open or Closed
Travellers Lloyd (carrying Future Fungus spores)
Production information
Appearances Episode 3.5
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The Richard Bentley's Apartment - Future Rainforest Anomaly is an Anomaly linking an apartment that belonged to Richard Bentley in the present day, to a rainforest in the Future.


Episode 3.5

This Anomaly opened up in Sir Richard Bentley's flat. When Lloyd's mobile phone was sucked through by the Anomaly's magnetic field, Lloyd went through into the future to retrieve it. After Lloyd was infected by Future Fungus spores there, he tried to return through the Anomaly to the present, but the Anomaly closed on him (though not before he vomited Future Fungus spores into the present).


  • It was one of the shortest lived Anomalies, only lasting a minute or two.

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