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« Rex! I swear, when I catch you, you're gonna be the first animal to become extinct twice! »
Connor Temple[src]
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Rex is a Coelurosauravus, a type of prehistoric winged lizard from the Permian epoch, and is unusually active and intelligent for a cold blooded reptile. He was kept by Abby Maitland as a housepet after he was marooned in the present time.


Episode 1.1Edit

Rex came through an anomaly from the Permian epoch to the Forest of Dean in the present day, and was found by a boy who lived nearby named Ben Trent, who contacted Wellington Zoo about the lizard. When the chief reptile keeper, Abby Maitland arrived to take the lizard to Wellington Zoo, she realised that he was not the flying dragon like Ben believed, the two took him into the Forest of Dean in search of the exact place where Ben found the creature.

In the forest, they discovered a dead cow lodged in a tree and heard low distant growling. Ben ran off home in terror and Abby quickly followed but dropped the lizard luckily used his flying ability to glide safely through the air. A Gorgonopsid then arrived, Rex flew into a thicket of bushes and Abby hid in the foliage so the predator left.. Abby continued to search for Ben, until night fell and the two came across a Scutosaurus and met Nick Cutter, Connor Temple, Stephen and Claudia Brown. Cutter and Stephen Hart were fascinated by the lizard when they noticed him.

1x1 RexBeingExamined
Rex being examined by Home Office scientists. (Episode 1.1)
CavanWikiaAdded by CavanWikia

The following morning, Rex was taken back to the Home Office and examined by scientists in a laboratory. However, the scientific instruments startled the reptile and he flew out when a scientist opened the door. Rex glided through the building, startling employees and avoiding the team and defecating on James Lester's shoulder, until he perched by an open window. Abby tried to entice Rex with reptile food, and though the lizard initially flew out through the window, he quickly returned to Abby.

The following night, Cutter took the creature with him back into the Permian epoch through the Forest of Dean Anomaly, and let Rex fly off. However, Rex followed him back just before the anomaly closed. With the lizard now marooned in the present, Abby kept him as a household pet and did not tell the others about his return.

Episode 1.2Edit

Abby kept Rex in her flat and turned the thermostat up to the high temperatures of his natural habitat in the Permian epoch that he was adapted for. When Connor Temple moved into Abby's flat, Abby tried to hide Rex in a tank under a blanket from him, but Connor found Rthe lizard and realised he had returned.

Episode 1.5Edit

When Connor left in a rush to deal with a new incursion, he unknowingly left a window open, and the lizard escaped through outside. Rex then snuck into Connor's car without the latter noticing, and thus Connor unknowingly took Rex in his car with him to Wimbledon Golf Course.

Rex cowering from the Anurognathus. (Episode 1.5)
TroopDudeAdded by TroopDude

When Connor stopped the car, Rex came out onto the roof and Connor noticed him. Connor tried to coax Rex back into the car, but Rex flew off. Connor followed Rex onto a fairway, where the two were attacked by a Pteranodon. Rex managed to escape being eaten by the pterosaur, and ran off into the woods again.

Connor and Abby later found him in the woods, cowering from a flock of viciousAnurognathus that were roosting in a nearby tree. Once the Anurognathus had flown off, Connor and Abby caught Rex, and returned him to Abby's flat after the incursion was dealt with.

Episode 1.6Edit

Rex watched as Abby taught Connor how to talk to women, and at one point Connor jokingly referred to the reptile as the barman of their skit.

Episode 2.2Edit

When Rex first met Caroline Steel after Connor brought her to Abby's flat, the lizard hissed and nsapped at her then flew away.

Episode 2.4Edit

Rex is found in Abby's freezer. (Episode 2.4)
TroopDudeAdded by TroopDude

Caroline cooked a special meal to share with Connor but the two had to leave to deal with an incursion. The lizard flew down and knocked food on the floor. She shut the lizard in the refrigerator. Abby found him in the freezer that evening, and she and Connor managed to recuperate him. She angrily yelled at Caroline who smoothly lied and claimed to have no idea how he got in the fridge. Caroline left and Abby got angry at Connor for helping because it was his girlfriend's fault that the lizard was shut in the refrigerator.

Rex later rested near Connor the next day when Connor was grieving over Abby's supposed death, and he later glided down to greet Abby the following day when she returned to her flat.

Episode 2.5Edit

Shortly after Connor broke up with Caroline by text, Caroline searched for Rex and the lizard hid but she lured him out with a bowl of fruit and then attacked him with a tennis racket. Rex dodged and flew around to avoid the various household items that Caroline threw at him, but Caroline was ultimately able to knock him out and catch him by hitting him with a tennis racket.

Episode 2.6Edit

Rex, knocked out by Caroline. (Episode 2.5)
TroopDudeAdded by TroopDude
Caroline handed the coelurosauruvus over to Oliver Leek, who decided to add the lizard to his menagerie and placed him in his Creature Prison.

Episode 2.7Edit

When Leek led Connor, Abby, Caroline and Jenny to the Creature Prison's cage room to witness the feeding time, Abby found the lizard inside a cage and reached out to him but the laser bars on the yellow frames of the cage kept her

The Creature Prison's security system was disabled by a computer virus, the animal containment system went offline. The laser bars were disabled and the fences went down. The creatures ran around and escaped into the bunker even Rex. The flying lizard eventually met up with Connor, Abby, Jenny and Caroline and led them to a service shaft leading out of the bunker. Rex was non-fatally shot and injured by an armed guard, and was carried out of the bunker by Caroline.

2x7 Raptor 6
Rex escapes from his cage in Leek's Creature Prison. (Episode 2.7)
LythronaxAdded by Lythronax

Episode 3.1Edit

Abby prompted the coelurosauruvus to wake Connor up one morning by leaving lettuce on Connor's face.

Episode 3.6Edit

When Jack Maitland was left in charge of Abby's flat and played poker with several friends there, the lizard reacted to music that was being played. Jack eventually resorted to betting the creature in the game, and lost him to Tony.

Episode 3.7Edit

Tony took the lizard back to his house and put him up for auction on the Internet. Connor was eventually able to force Tony to give him back by intimidating him when Becker and two Special Forces soldiers showed up at his house with machine guns.
Rex watches Jack and his friends play poker. (Episode 3.6)
TroopDudeAdded by TroopDude

Episode 3.8Edit

When Jack stole Abby's handheld Anomaly detector, Rex caught him with it and hissed at him.

Episode 3.9Edit

Abby brought the lizard over to Lester's flat to have Sid and Nancy, two Diictodon Connor kept after they were marooned, meet the lizard as company. The coelurosauruvus and the two Diictodon communicated and showed curiosity about one another.

Episode 4.2Edit

After Connor and Abby disappeared on a mission into the Future, The coelurosauruvus was brought from Lester's home and kept in the Anomaly Research Centre's menagerie a facility in which the tea, housed various creatures left in the present. The coelurosauruvus was kept alongside a giant scorpion from the Silurian epoch, the two Diictodon and a giant Columbian mammoth. Abby and Connor finally returned from the Cretaceous epoch and Abby was given command of the menagerie. She found the coelurosauruvus in his enclosure with the mammoth and let him out of his enclosure. She happily reunited with the lizard which still remembered her.

Episode 4.3Edit

Rex reunites with Abby. (Episode 4.2)
LythronaxAdded by Lythronax
The prehistoric lizard escaped his enclosure and got out of the menagerie and flew around in the Anomaly Research Centre. Phillip Burton had recently installed a new biological scanner than scanned the whole building constantly for a creature. Connor activated the scan and Phillip found the creature in an empty laboratory. The scanner detected the lizard and sent the building into lockdown mode.

The scanner than began to drain the oxygen from the laboratory to suffocate Phillip and the lizard. After Connor cancelled the lockdown, he and Jess Parker rushed to the laboratory, but found that the lizard had already suffocated. However, Connor was able to revive Rex by placing him in a box filled with oxygen. He was subsequently returned to his enclosure in the menagerie.

Episode 4.4Edit

Due to the inconveniences of keeping and caring for the creatures in the menagerie, Philip planned to have all of them, including Rex, put down. Abby tried to move the coelurosauruvus and the other creatures out of the and hide them at a private zoo, but her plan was thwarted. However, Lester was able to blackmail Philip into withdrawing his plans.

Episode 5.4Edit

Rex suffocating in a lab. (Episode 4.3)
TroopDudeAdded by TroopDude
When a swarm of Future Beetles invaded the ARC and sent it into lockdown, Rex escaped the Menagerie into the ARC's car park when the Beetles started chewing through the ARC's walls. Later, when Connor programmed the First Man-made Anomaly to release a gamma ray into the ARC to kill the Future Beetles, Abby called out for Rex. Rex came to his owner, and allowed her to take him to the ARC's panic room to shelter from the gamma ray. Rex was presumably returned to the Menagerie after the lockdown was lifted and the ARC repaired.


Rex is shown to be highly curious and unafraid of his modern surroundings which is why Abby finds the need to protect him from the present world. When he was being examined by Home Office scientists, he made no attempt to escape, instead seeming to try to play with the scientists, playfully batting at their utensils. (Episode 1.1) It is possible Rex has a really good memory for a reptile, as he remembered Abby and rekindled with her despite not seeing her for a year. (Episode 4.2) After he was taken by the ARC and placed in the Menagerie, Rex is still playful and curious, but seems to be a bit unaware of his surroundings as he kept playing with Abby when a gamma ray was about to go off. (Episode 5.4)

Rex is also smarter than he seems, knowing immediately that Caroline Steel was not to be trusted. (Episode 2.4) He also bonded very quickly with Abby and will always be with her and do as she says. He even follows her out of Leek's Bunker and distracts a guard, being shot in the process, so that Abby can escape. (Episode 2.7)



Rex is based on a smaller reptile (about half Rex’s size) called Coelurosauravus jaeckeli found in Germany. His "wings" were formed by extensions of his ribs but he could not fly, only glide.




Creatures EncounteredEdit

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