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1x3 Reservoir
Geographical information
Location London
Anomalies Crystal Palace Diving Institute - reservoir - Dexter house cellar - Cretaceous beach Anomaly
Production information
Filming location Stoke Newington West resevoir
Appearances Episode 1.3
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This reservoir was located in London, twenty miles from the Crystal Palace Diving Institute.


A mobile Anomaly reopened at the reservoir, and a Mosasaur and a bolus of Anthony Barton's remains came through into the reservoir, and the reservoir's waters initially began to drain out through the Anomaly. After the bolus was found, the Home Office and Special Forces went to and sealed off the reservoir, and sent divers into the waters in search of the Anomaly.

Later the warmer sea water from the Cretaceous flowed in to the reservoir via the Anomaly creating steam. This allowed Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart to find the Anomaly, and the Mosasaur fled back through after being fended off by Connor Temple, and the Anomaly then closed. (Episode 1.3)


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