A Remotely Operated Vehicle (abbreviated ROV) is a type of unmanned device, used to search areas and places that could be dangerous or that are otherwise inaccessible to Humans. Such areas usually include underwater/deep sea environments and, in the case of Rovers, extraterrestrial environments and desert areas.


Episode 2.4

While searching a canal for a marine predator, Stephen Hart enlisted the assistance of the owner of a submersible ROV. Because sonar and visual searches of the canal had failed, scouring the canal with the ROV seemed to be the only answer. In searching the bottom of the canal, the ROV found nothing, except for a pipe, which seemed too narrow for the ROV to pass. Despite the owner's protests, Stephen proceeded down the tunnel. It ended up managing to clear the tunnel just fine, and it broke the surface just in time to distract a Mer creature from Nick Cutter. The Mer attacked and destroyed the ROV.

Episode 2.5

Connor Temple built a Rover, a type of land-based ROV, to explore landscapes through Anomalies. He once used it to explore a Silurian Desert. Despite working perfectly, the rover was never seen or mentioned again.


  • The ROV used in Episode 2.4 is most likely a VideoRay Pro 3 GTO, the world's smallest commercially available ROV.

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