Ray was Leo John's uncle, living on the coast in British Columbia, and was estranged from and at odds with his nephew due to their conflicting views.


Sisiutl (New World Episode 1.2)

When Merison Oil began mining on Ray's family's land, he and his family started a protest against Merison Oil outside the oil-loading facility.

When Harlow arrived searching for two missing Merison Oil workers and went to Ray for cooperation, Ray rudely refused and began to get into a heated argument with Harlow, until Leo and Dylan Weir arrived and broke the argument up. Dylan and Leo later discussed Leo's obsession with the mythical Sisiutl with Ray, and Ray believed Sisiutl was a myth and that Leo was wasting his future pursuing aquatic cryptids like Sisiutl.

Later, during Ray's protest with his family against Merison Oil, Leo got them all to keep quiet as a Titanoboa passed by underneath them through the sewers, and Ray finally began listening to what Leo had to say. According to Leo, after the incursion was dealt with, Ray took Sisiutl's appearance in the sewers as an omen that they would win the dispute against Merison Oil.


Unlike his nephew Leo, Ray was more close-minded in his beliefs, and did not believe that Sisiutl was a real creature and felt Leo was wasting his future on aquatic cryptids.

Ray was highly racist, believing that oil-mining and people not native to Ray's home were destroying his family's native land and way of life. Ray also wasn't quiet about these beliefs, as he joined a protest among his family against Merison Oil, and he considered Detective Harlow and the disappearances of two Merison Oil workers as beneath him.

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