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"Its a prototype, it's not meant to be sexy."
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Historical information
Object type Radio wave receiver
Creator/origin Gugliegmo Marconi
Owner(s) You
Time Tribe
Production information
Appearances Episode 2.1
Primeval Evolved
Episode 4.7
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Radio is a technology used to receive radio waves that are transformed into sound. There was a radio in your home lab in the ARC, which you used to listen to broadcasts of unusual news. (Primeval Evolved)

The anomalies produce radio interference on the frequency 87.6FM as found out by Nick Cutter when facing an anomaly at the Castle Cross Shopping Mall. (Episode 2.1) Using this knowledge, Connor Temple made an Anomaly Detection Device. (Episode 2.3)

Members of the nomadic Time Tribe used wind-up radios to track anomalies on their journeys. (Episode 4.6) Helen Cutter was also shown to be using an unknown device that could have been of the same nature. (Episode 2.2)

News Reports

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Radio!

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